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If you have had stuff for over time years or decades consider us for an assessment for non resolved issues not related to medicine, what your skin health issue looks like you can find by pictures, so choices are found at DermNet NZ found at

Quote-About us: “DermNet New Zealand was founded by Dermatologist Dr Amanda Oakley in 1995. It has become a world renowned resource all about the skin. The website is owned by the DermNet New Zealand Trust. We are a charitable organisation run by a community of expert dermatologists and other health specialists.”

If you can get close to your suspects of unresolved skin help needed do so by reviewing pictures on “DermNet NZ”, remember most skin help has several blends or types you will find in the pictures on view, have a rough guess. Your medical doctor has lots of drugs for skin so exhaust that avenue as we tend to use natural products, or processes used in industry with skin problems like sporting groups such as wrestling and contact sports.

From the web site alone you may get the solution or things to investigate.




Collect data of previous success and not, bring them all in, we dont need to look at if you describe it or cite the page reference. The text book online is called DERMATOLOGY MADE EASY by Amanda Oaskley, published in Association with DermNet New Zealand July 2017 print, or bring it in or email it.



Tell us what makes it better or worse, what has helped or not, where you think it came from, what you think it is, why wont it go away, who has helped, when does it play up? Then we offer you options from different federations around the world who help skin problems

What doctors are saying

“Not a day goes by that I do not direct patients to this website for comprehensive and accurate information on their skin disorders. Armed with the 15,000 images from this website, Amanda Oakley is uniquely able to provide images on virtually any skin condition – undoubtedly this has helped her to produce a very impressive and comprehensive textbook of dermatology which includes more than 700 clinical images. The book format is a high quality paperback and an electronic version is also available…This is a beautifully produced and illustrated textbook, which would give any medical student or general practitioner the information, knowledge and ability to treat a wide range of medical dermatology. It would also appeal to the increasing numbers of dermatology nurse practitioners. As an “essential fact” book it would not have sufficient detail for trainees in dermatology.”



So we are here to help, come and talk to us, or email a picture of your skin.

About Dr Steve he is 31 years as a chiropractor, 13 years at University and College, along time ago tutored Anatomy, Clinical Sciences, Tropical Infections and disorders plus parisitology at PIT, RMIT and MU in Pathology; anatomist for the assistant coroner and pathologists in oblique odd deaths, likes pondering the  puzzling weird skin disorders that others have given up on. Avid reader of health sciences past and present, collects diffuse data from obscure cultures to popular sports for beneficial outcomes