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Lymph drainage is the process the human body gets rid of its wastes.

lymphatic drainage at Redcliffe Wellness Centre

Your aware of some of the existing waste removal systems of your body:-
1. The food you eat has a waste left over that we defecate (poo) out that we don’t absorb or use; in home that would be your compost bin and recycle (yellow lid) garbage bin.

2. Then we urinate out (wee) urine that has the ketones and uric acids of the blood system; at home that would be your storm water system and yard drainage to the street.

3. And then we sweat, perspire or get skin lumps and bumps, itches, hives, rashes and blemishes of yucky things near the surface of the body are pushed out or away, the skin changes from yeasts, funguses, moulds and parasites which live under or on the skin away from the bodies own defences. In your house this is the dirt and grime that makes your homes walls and floor dirty, so we wipe, sweep and vacuum it out.

4. And then there is the lymphatic system. It is the bodies sewerage where pipes move solid yucky waste through its network to a multiple-step septic system, it pulverises the waste and adds specialist deodorises, detergents, antiseptics and caustic agents, like the old fashion septic tanks our sewerage went in in our yard and the final waste leaked as wastewater and sludge went into the compost system for the garden. This is similar to our lymphatic system. Numerous lymph ducts work like hundreds of septic systems breaking down refuse, and like a septic system they can fail.

Lymph drainage is a term to clear the blocked ducts, or at the site of the blockage, or assist the lymph gland to crush its contents more effective. The lymph glands crush, smash, chemically neutralise and separate different things trapped in the lymph. Once treated the waste is moved to the calves for crushing and returned to the main veins to be returned to the blood to be pumped through organs for further filtration like the thymus gland, kidney, spleen and liver. Some cases the lymph ducts swell and burst on the skin or into the bowel or bladder or stomach to rid themselves of toxicity.

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Dr Steven Griffith, September 3rd 2014

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