Redcliffe Chiropractor New Services

Redcliffe Chiropractor Dr Steven Griffith has extended his hours to assist people with time management. Redcliffe Family Chiropractor & Redcliffe Wellness Centre are now accepting new clients and new patients from 8.00-10.30 AM and 3.30-6.30 PM at the 17 Silvyn Street Clinic. The clinic has a dedicated new patient and new client room with a range of different techniques such as spinal disc decompression therapy. We also offer direct pedestrian access to Redcliffe Hospital

Improvement is being noted for helping people with their
Imbalance Vertigo from the neck
Neuralgia pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Spur pain reduction
Shoulder Pain
Rib Pain
Neck Pain
Thyroid Function
Blood Sugar
Preventative Medicine for Heart
Preventative Medicine in Joint
An alternative for Knee assessment
An Alternative for foot assessment
An alternative for Back assessment
Rehabilitation for improve movement of Cancer Patients