Your Heart Health Matters


heart#2   We’re sure you’re aware that Heart Disease is the #1 cause of death in Australia

… in fact, although it’s not fun to think about, you most likely already know someone close to you that has been stricken with this, and the cold hard stats are that heart disease is #1 most likely scenario that might eventually kill you years before your time

Even if you’re in your 30’s or 40’s, you NEED to start thinking about heart health and how to improve it, because I’m sure you’ve seen the stories about celebrities and other people you’ve heard about dropping dead each day as young as their 30’s and 40’s from heart disease. In your first aid heart attack or angina pectoris the age is quite astounding to Australians, in first aid we are now taught for cardiac care for 9 year olds, 17, 19 and 23 with a big lot at 43, more males.


…FACT: Did you know that 50% of heart attack victims do NOT have high cholesterol levels!

It’s not fun to think about your own mortality… but this suggests to me that you MUST take responsibility for own health, and not assume that the others are going to take care of you

..You need to learn how to take control of your own health the NATURAL way… !

The fact is that you CAN help yourself with the right nutrition, lifestyle, and other factors.

And sadly their is money to be made, this year the American President of the American Heart Foundation went to jail for defrauding americans in selling their tick of approval and falsifying claims of service, and closer to home the Prince Charles Hospital can bill five nights in CCU at 25K a night for two episodes of cardiac care. That’s 250K after you have had your heart peta out on you! This gives them a huge marketing leverage of selling. My interpretation of modern heart health policy has resulted in ‘don’t fix it till it’s broke’ mentality.

Don’t procrastinate any further… start taking action TODAY to fight against this by educating yourself on exactly what you need to have a healthier heart. Ask us natural ways to improve your quality of life.

… and while doing this be aware of my advice: do yourself a favor and ask about the easy-to-use, good tasting supplement called Pro Argi ~9… its L Arginine converts to the component Nitrous Oxide which won the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize for 1998 in heart health, research it. Check out our page on Pro Argi 9 by Synergy for the facts and references on heart health. I stock it for heart health.

In 2005 the Fed Govt Council on Ageing stats showed their were 400 cardiac failures per 10,000 visits to doctors and 1 per 10,000 for visits to chiropractors, a query was raised were chiropractors skewing the results. Following on from this in Norway Dept of Health they found a specific form of chiropractic care reduced angina pectoris (heart pain) by 100% in a one year treatment block (3-6 visits per day in hospital then regular checkups thru the year), reducing the death rate from 1 in 3 to zero. They don’t know why but it helps, the trial tested about a 1000 types of treatments? But many hospitals over their now employ chiropractors to adjust their heart patients in cardiac wards working in teams of three, its a cheap and effective treatment. They also found certain exercises improved heart health, and combined have seen a dramatic drop in hospital deaths. A Lot of people die in hospital from something called cardiac failure. In 2014 their were 16,000 hospital deaths in all of Europe, while in Australia we had 24,000, way too many for our small population, and a fair chunk is cardiac failure. In hospital they can definitely tell you what you died from after the event. The NSW Coroner states if you remove the death rate of new born babies in their first week and hospital deaths we are on par with Europe for mortality:) in pre diagnosis of a condition we get it right 1 in 3 as to the cause of death. In English that means two out of people who die suddenly and unexpectedly were being treated and diagnosed for something completely different. Both of these groups have high levels of cardiac failure.

On a political note:- Lobby your govt to put chiropractors back into hospitals, you may not know we are blocked from employment from hospitals, and we cannot voluntarily care for patients anymore in hospitals. But if your in a hospital ask for the forms to get a chiropractor to visit, and I’ll come when they give approval (whenever that might be).

But whatever we have done, and who ever is in charge, in the past twenty years heart health has deteriorated for Australians, we need better ways.

Resuscitation today in 2015 is effective in Australia between 2-4%, England 25%, Europe 40%, Switzerland 85%; can we do better, or are the forces and powers in control in need of some public ridicule in discouraging cardiac failure. John Howard’s 1995 myopic look at tax collection said one third of the premature death voters assets were distributed to immediate family resulting in purchasing new luxury cars and expensive holidays, this equates in two years of one third of a persons death estate becoming taxes.

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