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The contents of this page here has been removed by direction from AHPRA 29 Sept 2015, please refer to the Nobel Peace Prize winner 1930 & 1933 for the treatment of health issues with Alkaline Water, unfortunately we cannot directly tell you the benefits to your health with alkaline water in Australia, but come in and ask and taste complimentary this water.

The Nobel Peace prizes awarded for alkaline water stopped cancer in its tracks and caused dying human tissue to spontaneously repair, the most incredulous work showed human cell life stay alive for 10 years today our cells last 90-170 days before degeneration, DNA repaired and changed and humans altered their appearance and body shape to be younger.

Conversely acidity was shown to accelerate human cell destruction at any level and accelerate diseased tissue. industry has developed a pro acid environment as all diseases require vast money spent and profits generated. today’s health industry in pills and foods are now acid based, government is pro acid, farming is pro acid, aviation is pro acid, medicines are pro acid all these increase normal cell to deteriorate faster, this creates jobs, lots of intervention, big business and massive human health loss in Australia as the new govt health report 2014 found over 90% of us in any 5 years has a disease that is treated by modern medicines with no expectation of cure. Australia boasts a success rate of 2.3% in cancer treatment across the board.

The 2012 Treasury report showed the federal govt earns 300 billion dollars and 120 of that was spent on the PBS drug program for Australians, a third of our govt income is spent on pills for peoples illnesses. Pill cost varies around the world where we pay $100 PBS, Germany $24, Switzerland $16, Russia $2.40 and South Africa a $1 made by the same company world wide (Swiss World Health Analysis 2014 at the convention I attended)