Fibromyalgia @ Redcliffe Wellness

What If Your Fibromyalgia Pain & Fatigue
Could Be Helped?

If you’ve been desperately searching for help to your health problem and haven’t been able to find them, get ready.
We’re going to give you some HONEST advice as to why you’re suffering and HOW you might get better.


…how great you might feel without your constant joint pain, stiffness and chronic fatigue.

…how easy your life would be if you could just do all the things you loved to do … WITH less pain and fatigue …

…how easy your life would be if you could just do all the things you wanted to do…without feeling exhausted and miserable.

…not having to take handfuls of pain pills…

waking up in a morning, brighter eyed and bushy tailed, feeling refreshed with a surge of energy, ready to take on the new day – JUST LIKE YOU COULD DO…

Well, it could be possible…

Here, at Dr. Steve’s Redcliffe Wellness Centre we can reveal to you what we believe is a possible way to ease some or most of  your fibromyalgia symptoms.

I believe fibromyalgia is a complex irritation of multiple nerves that transmit pain fibres, even when the body isn’t doing work. These nerves can be irritated by chemical irritants, mechanical pressure, electrical stimulation, distraction, compression, dehydration, stagnation and many other possibilities. And its not the same irritation per area.

BECAUSE, we welcome you, we know just how crippling fibromyalgia can be.  We know how fibromyalgia can destroy your family.  Destroy your career.  Destroy your life.  And we know how fibromyalgia can put a strangle hold on your life and squeeze your hopes and dreams – right out of you.   We help fibromyalgia patients, just like you….  You see, a part of our practice is devoted to fibromyalgia patients. Devoted to cases other doctors have given up on.  Devoted to cases other doctors have simply turned their backs on and told the patients to just learn to live with it, the best they could.

It’s here!!! All you have to Do is CALL! And if your only curious ask for our complimentary Consultation

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