• Deception Bay Chiropractor Is your ‘Neck Pain’ Serious?


    Is Your ‘Neck Pain’ Serious – Yes?


    Dr Steven Griffith SES Rescuer

    Dr Steven Griffith SES Rescuer

    When is a pain in the neck more than just a pain in the neck? When is it the sign that something more serious may be involved?

    Neck pain is caused by a pinched nerve, a muscle strain, a bone out of place or pressure on a vessel moving fluids so one side of the neck may experience more pain more than the other. But when neck pain is accompanied by other symptoms, it may be cause for concern. It should not get worse or stay the same. Neck pain self heals in three days, if not call us, Dr Steve can call you back to suggest remedies.

    For example, neck pain with vomiting and a stiff neck may indicate meningitis. If you cannot touch your chin to your chest and experience drowsiness, confusion and/or sensitivity to bright lights – call a medical doctor right away. Once checked and cleared you can call my office for an appointment.

    Neck pain with weakness in the arms and tingling in the fingers may indicate a herniated disc, which is pressure on a nerve root due to a narrowing of the spinal cord canal. Call my office immediately.

    Neck pain and trouble moving your head without pain? This could signal fibromyalgia particularly if it just lingers, hangs around or doesn’t seem to quite go away, a condition that causes pain in your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. It could also be a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder that affects your joints, particularly those in your feet, knees and hands – big with high acid diets, electricucian, repeat steroid treatments by drugs more than 9 month’s. After checking with your medic come in, or more than 30 days duration make an appointment.

    Neck pain after a traffic accident is usually referred to as “whiplash,” because the neck, when you are in a car that is hit, tends to snap suddenly forward and then backward, causing what is known as cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) trauma or syndrome. Again call me immediately following an accident, no matter how minor, Ill talk you thru it. Soe pains start 6 weeks after, one group 12 months, the worst kind gradually develop 2 years or more after due to scar tissue infiltration.

    A lot of people experience neck pain at some time in their lives. I’ve received training that helps me to locate the causes of your neck pain, restoring normal mobility in your neck and other affected body parts. I have done 14 years as a volunteer search and rescuer, many years in road accident rescue (RAR) and worked along side Peter Brock and the SS Commodore team, I know my stuff.

    Si in addition, I’ll determine whether you have a relatively minor issue you can restore at home with a few simple tricks of the trade, or whether you require a more intense treatment plan, or a complete rebuild like the car. Please advise us regarding any neck pain you are experiencing, whether or not the pain is severe. Your pain may start out SMALL, but it can get really bad, and this usually happens late at night or on the weekends, so CALL ME NOW if you have pain or some of the symptoms I mentioned. Necks Hurt!

    So, after you call, I’ll examine you thoroughly. I try to restore normal feeling and function in your neck and other affected body parts as quickly as possible. If you select to continued care we will help ensure that the muscles and joints in your neck and back remain in optimal working condition to keep you living life to your fullest potential, without restriction. Pain is something that you never want to cover up before you find out what’s causing it. And if your too far gone well work with your health team to slow it down

    Disc lesions are serious.Their graded 1 to 5, I do 1-3. If you have neck pain or any other types of pain, call my office now. Chiropractors are experts at being able to distinguish different types of neck problems, so make that call or give this to a friend that needs assistance. We are here for one thing. To help you. We are next to the Redcliffe Hospital if your staying after the prang

    Dr. Griffith, 17 Silvyn Street, Redcliffe, QLD 4020 (07) 3284-2065

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