1. What is Chiropractic? Dr-Steve-activator-on-patient1-300x300

2. What does a Chiropractor do?

1) Chiropractic literally means “done by hand” and “practitioner”, it is one of the three doctors of the human body:- The medical doctor generally looks at your problems facing you; your dentist looks at your head and face; your chiropractor generally looks at you from behind. 87% of our patients are similar:- they come for pain and discomfort or a problem in the body. We as chiropractors have about 32-36 types of practice, medicine about 100+, dentists about 20.

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Chiropractic also deals with bones out of place. Bones can tip, change angle, change direction of load, and can squish and pinch discs, nerves, tissue. This stiffens us up.

Chiropractic also deal with disrupted lymphatic drainage. This means the bodies sewer system sludge’s up, blocks, back flows, cant fill. This creates swelling and heat.

And then their is scar tissue, to keep nerves pinched and bones out of place something must hinder there recovery? That is scar tissue which infiltrates through organs and onto bones. This creates pain and restriction if we want to go faster or bend more.

And then there is advancement over time and stir ups where bones can deform, develop decay or rust. This slows us down further as we start to lose balance if we want to go faster, and hold onto handrails.import_feeds_ahh

2) What a chiropractor does is alleviate the problem, address the cause, restore optimum function and performance, deal with acute symptoms over a short time, Relieve a quandary of symptoms over time (usually 3 months), Rehabilitate problems over 6-18 months, Correct postural problems, Maintain optimum movement, stop things from getting worse.

Many years ago I asked a forum (18-35 people) of over 100 year old’s who lived in their own home: what a Chiropractor does for them? And they told me, “a chiropractor keeps you moving forward”…”onward and upward” they said repeatedly.

These days we are family chiropractors, we look after babies, kids, mums and dads, Nan’s & Pops and your great grand parents, uncles cousins here at Redcliffe Wellness.