• Child Chiropractic

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    Anything from their first walk on the moon, fighting the dragon in the backyard to riding there newly turned bicycle to race Rossi’s motorbike around Phillip Island. Children’s imaginations are endless. They get hurt, and when they get hurt injuries such as neck pain, stiffness, soreness or discomfort occur. However NO PAIN is not necessarily NO INJURY. Treating children and babies is not the same as treating adults though. Dr Steve insures that your children are treated with the aim of providing the best and most evidence based care. As a father of 5 himself Dr Steve has been treating his own newborn, children and teenagers for over 14 years. Chiropractic care is always adapted to the individual patient and we’re geared to helping your children be the best that they can be. An Adjustment, physical therapy, modality or counselling is a skilled treatment and in the case of your children, it is very kind and gentler than adult care. If you care about your children, make sure they’re checked and adjusted if necessary.

    We may be able to help if your baby or child has…

    • Headaches, Pains and discomforts, irritability, postural distortion, a limp bow or bend,

    • dizziness which can present as nausea and vomitting or car sickness which comes from a jammed up neck called cervicogenic dizziness.

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